The Plantation – Park Heights Urban Farm


About the Farm
Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm (PPHUF) was born out of a group of Caribbean/American citizens’ desire to effect change and have a positive impact on the lives of young adults that reside in the Park Heights community in Baltimore, Maryland. After a number of consultations and meetings with other community groups, Farmer Chippy and the PPHUF team decided that instead of attempting to repeat or compete with the organizations or non-profits, it would be better to form partnerships and share resources so as to achieve the same goals.

Create an urban Farm, an AgriHood, in the City of Baltimore that spreads love, supports the community, and brings healthy food to the city!

Farmer Profile: Farmer Chippy
As a Biomedical Field Service Engineer, my travels took me to amazing places with fun people and great food but the daily experiences in hospitals, clinics and urgent care facilities, continued to be disturbing.

As much as I was interested in being part of a team that provides solutions to the healthcare industry, I had burning desire to explore options that promoted a healthier quality of life for our youngest citizens.

Throughout my career, I have worked to promote a Preventative Healthcare solution to improve my community. One of the Physicians I worked closely with, while servicing his surgical microscope said to me “the greatest hindrance to clinical science is the inability for clinicians to embrace innovations that brings cleaner foods to patients.”

I hope to be the (Engineer/Farmer) that popularizes the benefits of conventional medicine while exploring potential new research that brings Cleaner Greener Foods closer to lesser fortunate communities in Baltimore.

Where We Grow
3811 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215

Where We Sell
AgriHood Baltimore Farmer’s Market every Saturday 4pm-9m, 3811 Park Heights Avenue
Waverly Market Saturdays 7am-12pm

Volunteer With Us!
Message us on our Facebook page for more information.