Our Partners

Below are links to some of the great organizations and institutions we are proud to partner with to further our mission:

The Abell Foundation

Baltimore City Office of Sustainability
Part of the Department of Planning and is working on implementing the Baltimore Sustainability Plan. This means they are involved in lots of issues including urban agriculture, food access, and community greening.

Black Yield Institute

The Bloomberg School of Public Health

Bon Secours Community Works

Cherry Hill Development Corporation

City Seeds

Civic Works
Baltimore’s urban service corps has been on the forefront of urban agriculture in Baltimore by founding and operating Real Food Farm. They were also the generous host organization and fiscal agent for the Farm Alliance.

The Cliff Bar Foundation

Community Greening Resource Network
A fantastic network of gardens and green spaces around Baltimore City. They have regular meetings, extensive tool banks, operate popular give-away days, and offer gardening workshops.

Community Law Center
The center provides legal services and technical assistance to support neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations. They have a longstanding history of helping guide groups through neighborhood greening, vacant lot transformation, and community gardens. One of their newest projects is The Urban Agriculture Law Project, which provides legal advice and resource to urban farms and gardens.

Eat Fresh Maryland Network
A statewide network of more than twenty farmers markets working to increase the use of federal nutrition benefits (like SNAP and WIC) to bring more revenue to local farmers and increase access to fresh food.

Farm Aid

Future Harvest – Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture
A network of farmers, agricultural professionals, landowners, and consumers living and working in the Chesapeake region. Future Harvest runs the Beginning Farmer Training Program and has provided a wealth of farming knowledge to Baltimore’s many urban farmers.

Give One for Good Food – Michele’s Granola 

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
Affiliated with the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Center for a Livable Future does important research and outreach around issues relating to food production, food access, human health, and more.

Johns Hopkins Center for Social Concern
A Johns Hopkins University resource connects students with meaningful service opportunities throughout Baltimore City. The Center has supported urban farming through summer internships with the Farm Alliance as well as many of our member farms.

The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Foundation 

Local Color Flowers

Mahan Rykiel Associates

Maryland Department of Agriculture
The department has many resources for urban and rural farmers throughout the state of Maryland, including the Maryland’s Best directory and an annual buyer-grower event to connect restaurants and institutions with local farmers.

Maryland Hunger Solutions
This program works to address issues of hunger and food insecurity throughout the state of Maryland. They also operate the Farmers Market Collaborative in the Baltimore area working to help markets accept SNAP benefits and incentivize healthy food purchasing.

MICA Center for Design Practice
A center with the Maryland Institute College of Art uses design as a tool for problem solving and social change. CDP is helping develop the logo and branding for the Farm Alliance and has also collaborated on projects with other urban farms and Baltimore City agencies.

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

University of Maryland Extension
The University of Maryland Extension offers many programs and resources for Baltimore City gardeners and farmers. They run the Master Gardeners program, which is how many urban farmers have gotten started, and offer other workshops and publications specific to our region.

If you are interested in partnering with the Farm Alliance of Baltimore to support urban agriculture in Baltimore, please contact Mariya Strauss at mariya@farmalliancebaltimore.org.