32nd Street Farmers Market Stand


Come find us across the aisle from Zeke’s Coffee right at the main entrance to the 32nd Street market. We will be there from 7 am to 12 pm every Saturday throughout the summer, and every other week from January through March (starting January 9, 2021)

How It Works
By teaming up, we can share the costs and labor while ensuring that we have more products for our customers every week. Since many of us are growing on small urban plots, our joint market stand will bring you greater diversity and quantity than any one of us could supply alone. Check our Facebook or Instagram each week to find out what products we will have at the market.

Who You’ll Find
Each week you’ll find our friendly urban farmers there to tell you about our produce, explain the process of cultivating in the City, and answer any questions you might have. See you there!

What You’ll Find
We carry a wide selection of farm products year round. Here’s a few examples to get your mouth watering!