Our Staff

Denzel Mitchell, Jr., Co-Executive Director, Education and Operations | denzel@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Denzel Mitchell Jr. has served as an educator, organizer, cook, librarian and farmer.  He and other urban agriculturalists worked together to organize and found the Farm Alliance of Baltimore.  In November 2012, he completed Future Harvest-CASA’s Beginning Farmer Training Program and then with the help of a chef and food historian, he brought a nearly-forgotten heirloom, Baltimore’s Fish Pepper, back to the Chesapeake region’s culinary palette. He, his family, and a cadre of supporters and volunteers operated Five Seeds Farm from 2008 until 2016. From 2012 to spring of 2017, Denzel mentored several new farmers, organized farmers’ markets, advised others in starting small farms, community gardens, food co-ops and food businesses. He taught and mentored young people at several Baltimore City public schools and after-school programs. Denzel spent a year as the production manager at Real Food Farm. He served as the Farms To School Coordinator at Great Kids Farm. He was the Brownfields Coordinator for Baltimore City’s Office of Planning. He was the farm manager at Strength To Love 2 for 3 seasons.  He has served on the production committee of several urban farms including Real Food Farm, Whitelock Community Farm, Boone Street Farm and Great Kids Farm. He has served on the board of directors for the Friends of Great Kids Farm, Belair-Edison Neighborhood, Inc. and now Acres4Change. He currently serves as co-Executive Director of the Farm Alliance. Denzel loves to eat, cook and play with his family and friends. He lives in Union Square with his wife and children. Contact Denzel at denzel@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Mariya Strauss, Co-Executive Director, Development and Advocacy | mariya@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Mariya came to the Farm Alliance in 2017 from a career in advocacy journalism and in grassroots organizing work. She is an advocate for justice throughout the food system and supply chain, and is committed to helping Baltimore’s urban farms prosper in a changing world. A native of Oak Park, Illinois, she has lived in Baltimore since 2009. If you or your organization is interested in finding out more about the Farm Alliance of Baltimore, or if you would like to explore opportunities to partner with us, please contact her at mariya@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Skher Brown, Finance & Administrative Manager | skher@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Skher is a lifelong martial artist who gained his non-profit experience through an organization to preserve his traditional art form of Capoeira Angola.  In his career work, he has served as a business owner-operator, non-profit executive director, teaching artist, choreographer and performer, k-12 and college instructor, law librarian, and lineman worker. Skher is a proud Southerner–born and raised in Florida and graduating from the HBCU of Florida A&M University. He as been a resident of Baltimore since 2003 and is father to three school-age sons. Skher can be reached at skher@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Alison Worman, Program Manager | programs@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Alison Worman grew up tending a small backyard garden in the city of Milwaukee, WI. Shortly after moving to Baltimore in 2008, she was introduced to the city’s food landscape through working at Whitelock Community Farm. Her experience managing Whitelock from 2014-2018 was instrumental in building her commitment to supporting urban agriculture through advocacy and collaboration. Alison is a 2013 graduate of the Future Harvest Beginner Farmer Training Program and has worked at several urban and rural farms. She is thrilled to continue to work among an amazing network in her role as Program Manager. If you would like to learn more about the Farm Alliance of Baltimore’s programs please contact her at programs@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Myeasha Taylor, Farm Education and Production Manager | myeasha@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Myeasha Taylor began growing food in an elementary school garden club and later returned to it in her college senior year as a member of the Morgan State University Garden Club. For the last decade, she has strengthened her skills in sustainable farming, education and leadership by training various ages in urban agriculture production and managing/stewarding several community gardens and organic urban farms under three acres along the MidAtlantic seaboard with various nonprofit and for profit entities. Myeasha is committed to building an equitable food system that  builds economic development and sufficiency in communities combating food apartheid. She is a longstanding member of Farm Alliance Baltimore since her early days in Americorps, a member of Future Harvest CASA, and the Black Dirt Farm Collective. In her new role as Farm Education and Production Manager, she will be leading the next cohort of Black Butterfly beginner farmers and managing the teaching farm at West Bay. She can be contacted at myeasha@farmalliancebaltimore.org  and or follow her on instagram @yourproducepusher

Andy Szentendrei, Production Technician | farmer@farmalliancebaltimore.org

Andy Szentendrei moved to Baltimore City from Vermont in April of 2021. He joined the Farm Alliance of Baltimore shortly after in early June as the Production Assistant for the first year of the BBUFA program. Early in 2022 he became a full time staff member and gained the title of Production Technician where he oversees and maintains the demonstration farm in Curtis Bay. His background is in high intensity greenhouse growing specializing in tomatoes and peppers in the summer and spinach and salad greens in the winter. He has a broad base of knowledge from crop management to greenhouse construction down to the electrical work.

Share Fowler, Black Butterfly Urban Farmer Academy Apprentice

I’m Share Fowler owner of a health & wellness company that promotes; physical & mental activity with clothing & accessories that represent the lifestyle. I love gardening and want to include growing  plants & making products with them in my business. 

Stephanie Thornton, Black Butterfly Urban Farmer Academy Apprentice

My name is Stephanie Thornton and my goal is to become an herbalist, to make tinctures, body oils, scrubs, detox, and grow herbs & vegetables to heal with. I’m a graduate of Black Butterfly Urban Farmer Academy 2021, beginning farmer for 4 yrs, and have completed a GAP certification. I’m looking for land to start a homestead type of project for my future business endeavors. 

Saj Dillard, Market Assistant

Saj Dillard is a 2021 Towson University Alumna. She has 4 years of experience of Urban Farming within Baltimore City as an intern, volunteer & farm manager of The 6th Brach and Backyard Basecamp, respectively. Outside of work, she enjoys hanging with her bearded dragon, hiking & eating !