Black Butterfly Urban Farmer Academy

2023 update

It has been with much joy and excitement to launch the Black Butterfly Urban Farmer Academy. We are so grateful to have graduated two cohorts of tremendously talented and beautiful people into the food system armed with new knowledge and skills. Our network is growing and we are in fact building the pipeline of new farmers that so many of us wanted and envisioned.

Many are asking; “what’s next?” or “when are the applications coming out?” We will not be taking on a new cohort of trainees in 2023. We are going to use this year to assess the program, evaluate our successes and improve our methods. We’re taking a “gap year” to make the program better and expand its impact!

The Academy is alive and well in 2023. We will be offering a series of classes in partnership with EcoCity Farms this spring. Workshops and field days will be made available to our farm members, burgeoning farmers and the public. We will also be offering a few paid internships with the Black Butterfly Farm. Be on the lookout for announcements!

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