The Farm Alliance of Baltimore is a membership organization of urban farms, neighborhood growers, and friends. We use connection, resource sharing, and collective advocacy with respect to food, land and water to expand communities’ self-determination and power.

Any production-oriented farm or garden that is growing food in Baltimore City and meets eligibility requirements may apply to become a member of the Farm Alliance on our Membership page.

Below is an interactive map and profiles of our current member farms and gardens. Click the farm name to learn about their history, where they farm, what they grow, where they sell, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Alchemist Flowers
Our little urban flower farm is passionate about healing our relationship with the land and bringing unique flowers to our friends and community. 

Baltimore Free Farm
Baltimore Free Farm is an egalitarian collective of gardeners and activists who aim to provide access to healthy food for all. The farm began in 2010 by leasing a vacant lot from Baltimore City, and then clearing the trash and invasive weeds to begin their first garden. They have since expanded to manage three lots (about 0.6 acres) to add a community garden, a permaculture garden, and a production garden. The Free Farm grows a variety of vegetables and herbs, and has started experimenting with fruit trees and shrubs.

Bearfoot Farm
BearFoot Farm is a roughly 2 acre farm located in Hamilton in Northeast Baltimore City. The space has a long storied tradition as a farm, as it is the original farm house of the area. The farm aims to restore the long standing tradition of agriculture in the Northeast Baltimore community through sustainable and just farming practices.

Bon Secours
The Bon Secours Urban Farm began as a program of Community Works, a neighborhood resource center in West Baltimore affiliated with the nearby hospital that seeks to serve the surrounding community with a variety of programs. They are operating a 1/4 acre site, directly across from the local community center, that produces food for their neighbors and educates the community about healthy eating and growing practices.

Black Yield Institute

City of Refuge Victory Garden
Located in Brooklyn Baltimore, The City of Refuge garden has a mission to create, educate and inspire green living in Baltimore.

Filbert Street Community Garden
Filbert Street Garden is a community garden and farm located in Curtis Bay beside the historic water tower that aims to provide the community with fresh food through farming and education. They are dedicated to gardening and animal husbandry through their 1 acre plot, bee-yard, and free range fowl. As a part of their commitment to urban wildlife, their pollinator and native bat projects allow for the maintenance of a healthy and balanced ecosystem in the urban landscape of Curtis Bay. Each season they have plots available for patrons to garden.

The Greener Garden
Located in the Hamilton area of Baltimore City, the Greener Garden has provided their community with fresh vegetables for over 20 years thanks to the incredible efforts of Farmers Lavette and Warren Blue.

Harlem Park Community Farm
Hope Garden in Harlem Park, is a school garden especially built for the children and families of the Harlem Park neighborhood. It’s a family friendly garden and all are welcome.

Hidden Harvest Farm
Hidden Harvest Farm’s goal is to create a beautiful and bountiful space in which flowers, fruit, vegetables, insects, birds, and humans live harmoniously. They grow food out of a desire to be more connected with the earth and the spaces around them, as well as to learn and to teach.

Hidden Harvest Annex Dye Garden – Blue Light Junction
Blue Light Junction is a natural dye studio, alternative color lab, retail space, dye garden & educational facility in central Baltimore. Founded by textile artist, farmer, and natural dyer Kenya Miles, Blue Light Junction is focused on growing, processing, and preserving the history of natural dyes and their artistic, practical, and commercial applications. The Natural Dye Garden is located in the “annex” lot of Hidden Harvest Farm in Greenmount West. We continue to gain knowledge of plants native to our bio-region as well as exploring historical and medicinal plants and fibers.

Hillen Homestead
Hillen Homestead is a small urban farm growing sustainable cut flowers on two sites in Baltimore City totaling less than ¼ acre. They are committed to our community, our city, and our planet. They are fully dedicated to the community, hosting free events and providing free classes on numerous subjects in agriculture.

The 6th Branch – Oliver Community Farm & Johnston Square Farm
The Oliver Community Farm is a ¼ acre farm in East Baltimore that is working to provide fresh produce to the Oliver Community Farm and combat food insecurity. The farm was started in 2013 and has continued to grow! The 6th Branch, a veteran led nonprofit, and Meraki Community Uplift, an Oliver based nonprofit, are working together to grow and distribute produce to the Oliver community through the farm.

Queen Cat Honey at Pepto Palace
The mission of the garden at Pepto Palace is to create an integrated environment for the benefit of a large number of plant and animal species, that can continue to develop over generations. The garden aims to be in tune with the natural rhythm of the seasons and the moons so that all organisms can thrive. 

Real Food Farm
Real Food Farm works toward a just and sustainable food system by improving neighborhood access to healthy food, providing experience-based education, and developing an economically viable, environmentally responsible local agriculture sector.

Strength to Love 2
Strength To Love 2 is a community based farm that provides hands-on agricultural training and jobs opportunities to citizens in the Sandtown-Winchester community. The farm is a collective of high tunnels at Lorman and Fulton Avenues. Located on a 1.5 acre plot, the farm is operated by Intersection of Change and managed by people of faith and returning citizens.

Whitelock Community Farm
Whitelock Community Farm is a community based farm in Reservoir Hill, Baltimore. Residents volunteer in exchange for shares of produce and sell healthy and affordable vegetables to their community at a weekly farm stand.

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