Oliver Community Farm

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Website: http://the6thbranch.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the6thbranch/
Email: colinlyman@the6thbranch.org

About our Farm 
The former abandoned lot where The Oliver Community Farm sits on currently was adopted by the 6th Branch, a veteran started non-profit that works in East Baltimore, in 2013. The 6th Branch is a veteran led nonprofit that was founded in 2010 as a community service club that has evolved to the nonprofit we are today. The basic mission of The 6th Branch is to revitalize abandoned green spaces and transform them into productive spaces for the community. One of our more sophisticated projects is the Oliver Community Farm which was started in 2013 to provide healthy food to a food insecure neighborhood, Oliver. Over the years it has grown and now works partners with Meraki Community Uplift to help distribute the food to residents int he community.

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Farmer Profile: Colin Lyman
Colin Lyman grew up in Columbia, MD and attended Stevenson University until graduating in 2012. During his time there he stumbled upon The 6th Branch and has been a member of the organization ever since. When asked to be a VISTA for The 6th Branch to work on the Oliver Community Farm (OCF) he gladly accepted and has been learning to farm ever since it got started in 2013.

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Farmer Profile: Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly is a long time resident of the Oliver Community and stumbled upon The 6th Branch just as it was starting to take off. After many years of cooking and being curious about healthy food in the city. Also an avid vegetable lover has helped turn his passion into farming and making sure that kids are learning to eat healthy.

Farmer Profile: Kristen Allen
Kristen is the lead of Meraki Community Uplift and helps lead the distribution of produce bags to the local senior centers and to community members. She also works with the youth in the neighborhood to expose them to different opportunities such as soap box derby races

Where we grow:
We grow in raised beds at 1600 Ellsworth St and 1400 Bethel Street. The area is split by the train tracks going right before it goes into the tunnel to Penn Station.

Where we sell:
We are working to set up a CSA like model to distribute to senior centers and residents in the Oliver community. 

Volunteer With Us!
Please reach out to Colin Lyman, Program Manager, at colinlyman@the6thbranch.org to get involved. We are able to take groups and individuals with little to no farming experience

Other Programming
The 6th Branch works in 12.5 acres of space in four East Baltimore communities and three public schools to provide green space development envisioned by the community leaders. We also provide strategic and project support to these three neighborhood schools.