Queen Cat Honey at Pepto Palace

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About the Farm
The Garden began back in 2016 as a large patch of wisteria and English ivy. We cleared the entire patch along the East side of the house over the course of a weekend and began building a berm with the debris. Over the course of the next years the garden morphed and changed, getting more ambitious every year. In 2017 I found Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course and my whole world instantly changed. The principles of Biodynamic farming became guideposts for all the future developments in the garden. Over the years of saving seeds I have begun to cultivate strong, locally adapted varieties of many species of vegetables and will continue to expand the collection as I learn more about seed saving and cultivation. All these methods will continue to develop and grow along with the garden.

Farmer Profile

The mission of the garden at Pepto Palace is to create an integrated environment for the benefit of a large number of plant and animal species, that can continue to develop over generations. The garden aims to be in tune with the natural rhythm of the seasons and the moons so that all organisms can thrive. The garden is a zero-waste initiative, in which all food waste from the kitchen and garden debris is integrated back into the garden. We extend the reach of our space to incorporate the neighborhood community. By collecting leaves and yard debris locally, we can create larger volumes of compost and leafmold to feed back into the garden. In exchange we provide neighborhood members with food from the garden that can enrich them. Through seed saving, the garden plants can share information over time to their offspring. Gardening practices continue to develop in the aim of furthering these missions and to create a sustainable habitat. Since the arrival of the bee hives, we have been working to create an environment where the bees and plants can communicate, support each other and enrich the garden and its visitors.

Where We Grow
2103 Erdman Avenue Baltimore, MD 21218

Where We Sell
Waverly Market

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