Alchemist Flowers


About the Farm
What started as a few raised beds in a friend’s front yard became a long term mission to start a flower farm in the city. We are still looking for a permanent home in Baltimore where we can plant fruit trees, shrubs, and flowers for years to come. This year we partnered with Real Food Farms in the Clifton neighborhood of Baltimore to grow unique flowers unlike any you’ll find in a plastic sleeve at the grocery store. We’re looking for a permanent home in Baltimore where we can plant fruit trees and perennial flowers that will be here for years to come. In order to meet our goal we need community support! Visit our website, volunteer with us, and sign up for our newsletter!

Farmer Profile
Grayson (they/she/he), is the farmer behind Alchemist Flowers. When Grayson got a BFA in Fibers from MICA, they thought she might be using it to make puppets for Saturday Night Live, and they almost did. That summer he decided not to take that job but he met a 3″ basil plant that followed them to three apartments. At first they just wanted an herb, but the curiosity that plant gave her offered a window into a profound understanding of ecology, reciprocity, and community.

Our little urban flower farm is passionate about healing our relationship with the land and bringing unique flowers to our friends and community.

Where We Grow
2901 N. Calvert St. Baltimore MD

Where We Sell
Waverly Market

Volunteer with us
Sign up for the volunteer list at