Hope for Baltimore’s Flourishing Urban Agriculture Scene

In a recent Baltimore Sun op-ed, Brent Flickinger highlights the recent changes in Baltimore’s zoning code and a newly drafted sustainability plan, both of which bear hope for current and aspiring urban farmers throughout the city! As consumers begin to make more deliberate decisions about the food they buy, urban and suburban farming throughout the country is growing and thriving.

In Baltimore, land acquisition for urban farms is become increasingly more important. Support for urban agriculture is beginning to center around repurposing vacant and abandoned land to give communities access to fresh and healthy food. Flickinger calls on the many organizations like the Farm Alliance that are supporting and empowering Baltimore city residents to create healthy social and environmental ecosystems in their communities.

Organizations like the Baltimore Orchard Project, Blue Water Baltimore, and the Black Church Food Security Network all have a hand in helping create a just and fair food system for historically oppressed communities. Through these newly created avenues, Brent hopes to see change driven by the community in Baltimore neighborhoods!  

Read Flickinger’s  full article for more detail: Urban agriculture could transform Baltimore’s blighted neighborhoods