Open Call for New Members!

As the weather shifts from summer to fall, we at the Farm Alliance of Baltimore have been going through many changes. In July , we welcomed our new Executive Director, Mariya Strauss. We have held several successful fall fundraising events, with food and music and celebration of our urban farms and the communities where they operate. We have planted our fall crops and tucked away our summer farm beds for the coming winter. Now, we are pleased to announce that the Farm Alliance of Baltimore is accepting new applications for membership from farmers in the city!

Click here to apply to become a member of the Farm Alliance. 

Not sure if you are eligible to join? Visit our Membership Page for eligibility, member agreement, and other relevant information.

The deadline for applications is December 31st, 2017. The Farm Alliance will review applications and notify applicants of their acceptance in early February 2018.

Questions? Contact us at